Gear Nerd

I asked my grandpa to grab me some of this bubble wrap reflective stuff. He got me a big roll of it while he was in Yuma, AZ on the cheap. I wanted to make a coozie for my cook pot to keep my food warm and not burn my hands off. I think it will be the only piece of gear I actually made.. Also I had no idea what I was doing so I just made it up as I went.

Thanks to Maggie Spofford for being my photographer and helping with creative advice.


Please note my duct tape that I am taking on the trail is the exact same pattern as my grandmas shirt today… #nailedit. The roll is in her hands but you really can’t see it because it matches so well. IMG_9654.jpg

My serious face.IMG_9661IMG_9662IMG_9663

 The final product! 


2 thoughts on “Gear Nerd”

  1. Dang! Very impressive. I made one but ended up looking like tin can w/o the top or bottom, no handle slots or nada. Thx for some good ideas and thoughts .


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