Rim Trail

We get up and have coffee at the store. We wait for the 9am trolley up to the rim. We hop on and start up. About halfway up Bubbles realizes she forgot her phone charging at the store. Then ranger realizes he forgot his charger… we have a good laugh and I volunteer to hitch back down to retrieve them in hopes my package will arrive this morning.

I get a ride in a Range Rover back down to the village. I don’t think it’s customary to hitch hike in national parks but whatever. I make it down, get everyone’s electronics and wait for the next shuttle up. Just then the mail arrives and I get my package! New hat and snacks! Also beer money. When your parents send you beer money you obey. 1 hour until the next shuttle so I buy a couple hikers beer and we enjoy them in the sunshine. 

Feeling a little better with the new hat my mom made and the sugar rush from the candy that came with it. 
We hike 20 miles today. Somehow we actually complete it starting at 12pm. 
We did 8 miles along the rim of Crater Lake and the rest through flat forest. 

We decide to wake up at 1:30am to hike 6 miles before sunrise to summit Mt Theilson… we might be crazy. 


Crater Lake Zero

I got up early and made some tea from the hiker box. I sat at the picnic tables in front of the store and tried uploading my blogs. The wifi was $10 for 24 hours and it sucks. I can’t get my blogs uploaded. Also the care package my parents sent was delayed and I won’t get it before I leave.
I have a super hard morning. I am having a hard time finding the motivation to keep hiking. When I put my mind to something I do it but with so many setbacks on the trail I have struggled to regain that strong drive to finish the trail. 
I talk to my mom, I talk to bubbles and finally just decide to enjoy the day and not think about it too much. I always told my self I would give it 5 days if I was thinking about getting off trail. 
As we wait for bubbles package we take the trolley up to the Rim of Crater Lake. We look around in the gift shop, sit by the view and eventually have lunch. 

Ranger who we met yesterday joined us and decided he wanted to stay another night. 
We all took the 3pm shuttle back down to the village and Bubbles packages had arrived!! 
We sort our food and realize we have way too much. 
We hang out all night near the store and at the campsite. We write a song about the PCT and Bubbles plays it for everyone.

We meet tons of hikers and then finally I set off for bed.
I am typically a hard sleeper and fall asleep fast but this week is not so. I struggle to fall asleep. 

Hitch Please

Only 10 miles to Fish Lake where we plan to hitch around the fire closure. We walk through lava rock all morning. It’s beautiful but also hard to walk on. 
We see about 6 other hikers this morning and one comes into Fish Lake with us. We were hoping for wifi but were not successful so we had breakfast, I made a sign for Crater Lake and we set off. 

The three of us waited about 10 minutes for our first ride. The two construction workers took us about 20 minutes down the road to a turn off for Crater lake. We hopped out and immediately got another ride.
We piled in the bed of the truck and the driver drove us about 35 minutes right to the Mazama Village! Perfect!! 
Bubbles and I parted with the other guy and made our way to the PCT camping area. 
We set up then went in search of our boxes. 
Neither of Bubbles packages had arrived. Bummer. This would mean we would need to stay another day to wait. 
I also had a care package from home that wouldn’t make it on time. 
We ate dinner and hung out in front of the store. It was a great area for hikers to hang out and we spent most of the next 24 hours hanging out on those picnic benches. 
We did laundry, showered and then went back for dinner. Bubbles and I shared a Gluten Free pizza and lava cake… a couple people have told us recently we seem like old friends. I think we are two peas in a pod. 
Hikers come and go and we meet some new people. We get fire updates and then learn the rim trail is finally open!! That is a huge surprise and we can’t wait to hike it.

All the Berries

Just 15 miles today to a Shelter. We pack up our stuff wet and set off. It’s uncomfortable wearing a soaking wet shirt. 
We find huckleberrys all morning along the trail and that seems to slow us down.

There is a spring just off the trail and we have a long break. There is a board walk to it and I just lay and look at the sky. I notice my photos are getting less frequent so I will try and take more tomorrow. 

We make it to the shelter and dry out our gear. Finally we get to set up our tents and it’s only 1pm. I love early days.
I watch “into the Wild” on my phone and enjoy the laziness of the day. 

When it rains it pours 

We took off about 6:30. I hit my snooze for 30 minutes… 
12.5 or 20 miles today… not sure yet. We cruz all morning and hit Hyatt lake at 11:15! 12.5 miles out of the way. We go for a dip, eat some lunch then walk the mile to the resort to get a cold drink in the hopes of wifi! 

No wifi but we sucked down some bubbly soda and met another hiker. 
We walked back to the trail to find half of the double D’s sitting. We sit, I play my Uke and we dink around. Bubbles thinks we are never going to finish the additional 8 miles. 
Finally we head out and the thunder clouds roll in. The thunder is loud and right overhead. We make it 5 miles before the downpour starts. We hide under some trees but it doesn’t die down. Also there isn’t a good place to camp where we are right now. We book it down the trail that is now a stream singing to Mother Nature. Welcome to Oregon. 

We find some trees and a flat spot and set up in the rain. I put my poles on my footprint backwards and don’t realize until my fly is on… I had to pull it all apart and re set. This is a record for how long it’s taken me to set up my tent and it’s pouring rain.. 
I finally fall into my tent and peel off my dripping clothes. Everything is soaked. But luckily the contents of my bag isn’t. I pull on dry clothes, blow up my sleeping pad and hang everything.
My shirt drips all evening and I have to keep wringing it out… 

Breakfast heaven.

I blogged from bed, drank coffee and made some breakfast for everyone. It’s so nice to be able to cook and bake!!
The 4 of us had breakfast and then it was off to pack up. Somehow I fit everything in my bag Uke strapped to the outside of my pack.

We said our goodbyes and headed out. Ethel dropped us back at the trail and we set off.

For some reason it’s insanely hot and our packs are incredibly heavy. It’s a slow walk. We are thinking 9 miles to the first water but we ended up going 12 to make it to a better water source. We saw the “double D’s” there. They must be going slow if we caught them and they are on day two.

We camp with them and play a card game. Apparently Bubbles is competitive and not good at hiding it. 

I finally fixed my tent pole with some duct tape! Thank goodness 
The thunder overhead has me nervous for rain so I throw my fly on and hop in. I downloaded a movie with my new library app and lay in bed and watch it… not really a camping thing to do but it was a nice change of pace. 

All the food! 

Bubbles and I woke up with the sunrise. We stayed in our trundle beds as long as possible on our phones but finally got up for coffee. We are our gluten free baked goods we bought yesterday and drank our coffee on the patio… rough life. 
Ethel & John made us second breakfast and then we got to our chores.
Ethel was our driver for the day. We hit REI, Target and Food 4 Less! We got all the necessary things and headed back for food sorting and Ukulele learning. 

I learned three cords and even kinda how to read tabs. 
We had amazing streak, potatoes and fruit for dinner. The fresh fruit was such a treat from none on trail. I got to baking right after dinner. I made tons of cookies and some Mexican quinoa to pack out and leave behind for John and Ethel. 

I don’t know where we will put all this food in our packs… we have way too much.